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Hello and welcome to our third blog. Today we are going to explore in detail the question: “How can I become an influencer?”

Firstly, let’s establish a clear definition of an influencer. According to Wikipedia, since the 2000s multipliers who use their strong presence and reputation in social media networks to advertise products or lifestyles, for example, have been called influencers. In simple terms, influencers are real people who use their reach on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to market products to their followers. Now the question for you is: “How can I generate enough reach and become an influencer on Instagram or another social media platform?”

We should all know that there is no training for this; and whether your request will be crowned with success is unfortunately also written in the stars. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few tips to get your career as an influencer rolling.

1. It starts with the name.

The first thing you should do is to think about how you want yourself to be called on the platforms. This is best done before you post your first pictures or content or share your account on other social media platforms. It would be a great advantage if your profile URL or name is not used yet. This way, confusion with other influencer profiles is almost impossible and you can be sure that your name is unique.

2. Make a plan.

Obviously, you can jump in at the deep end. But in our experience, it’s better to first create a concept for your content and your brand. Think about your social media audience and the platforms you want to use, your content strategy and possible collaborations. Social media offers so many opportunities to make your dream come true. It’s just important that you pursue your goal in a professional framework from the beginning.

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3. Talent or discipline.

Christiano Ronaldo was asked in an interview what was more important to him. The answer is quite obvious: “Discipline”. Of course you can have a certain charisma, captivate people with your style and generate followers. Just don’t forget how important discipline and continuity are in this business. For example, not keeping your upload schedule would be comparable in the “normal” working world to not showing up for work and thus not getting paid for the time you miss. This is exactly where the problem lies. You are responsible for yourself as a company.

4. You are a brand.

Remember that you and your personality are a brand. It does you no good, or rather harm, to enter into cooperations with companies that do not suit you and your brand. Of course, you have to weigh up whether some placements are economically viable. However, you should always keep an eye on the sustainable growth of your brand. In any case, stay true to yourself, even if some trends are fashionable at the moment, it’s no use following them if they don’t suit you as an influencer.

5. Your content - the key to success.

Next to your personality, your content is crucial for your growth. Always try to make it authentic and unique. It is important to find a niche that captivates specific followers and encourages them to interact with you. Always remember: quality is worth more than quantity. So don’t post content for the sake of posting, but remember that both are extremely important, especially in these challenging times.

Influencer werden - Social Media Reichweite generieren - Muvid

6. How to earn money as an influencer.

Of course, influencers on YouTube, for example, earn money through their video views. Yet these payments are not the biggest pillar of the influencers’ income. They earn most of their income through cooperations with companies and brands. A Youtuber with a subscriber base of 250,000 followers disclosed his income in one of his latest videos. He confirmed that the largest amounts of money were earned through collaborations.

We hope that we were able to provide you with our tips and knowledge, especially for the kick off of your career. Don’t forget, there is always work behind success and hardly anyone has made it in the marketing sector overnight. Even if you don’t get millions of followers, you could at least build up another financial pillar through your network, your pictures, posts and contributions. Nevertheless, anything is possible. Try to follow our tips step by step to gain influence, increase your followers, use your channels and live your life just the way you want to.

In summary, there are a lot of factors to consider. Before you distribute content as an influencer, you should think about your target group and strategy. Look for a niche, and only then share photos and images on your account. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself and maintain your authenticity.

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best on your journey to becoming an influencer. See you next time, your muvid team.

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