Influencer networks: and how do I find influencer partnerships?

Hello and welcome to our first article on our blog! On our platform, artists can present their music and influencers can then choose one of the songs to use in their content. We currently work with over 1000 influencers and brand ambassadors from all over the world.

Today we’re talking about working with influencers and the success of influencer collaborations and how you can make money with us by following the right steps.

You’ve managed to build a community for yourself or your brand as an influencer and now you want to earn money with your reach. Pamela Reif, Charli D’Amelio, Bianca Claßen or Zach King are well-known examples from social media whose income through various channels is between 3-12 million euros. This illustrates how successful marketing and working with influencers can be. Many influencers now even have their own brands on the market and have become real business people. It’s unbelievable when you realise that it all started with Instagram and the like. It shows that with the right commitment, everything is possible.

According to a study, 59% of companies are already practising influencer marketing or cooperating with influencers, which is already more than half and a clear upward trend. Behind this is the marketing strategy as a company to use the reach of influencers to promote products or services for them and to share them with the community in their posts. In this way, various influencer campaigns are launched, whereby the remuneration is proportionately higher with a higher number of followers.

Influencer networks partnerships | Sponsored Content on Social Media - Muvid

Why cooperation with influencers or marketing is so important?

Obviously, you can also use models or actors as brand ambassadors for a campaign. But nowadays, the trust in influencers is stronger because we have a more personal connection to them. We may have been following our favourite influencer on his channel for a long time and appreciate his authentic content, which is closer to the target group. The credibility is simply stronger here. So it’s a good move to let dedicated influencers do the advertising, because authenticity is worth a lot today.

What types of influencer collaborations do exist?

There are different possibilities how you can promote a company. The interesting thing about being an influencer is that you can share your own content and freely decide what YOU want to show your followers. The possibilities are endless. Some years ago, for example, there were almost only blog posts where influencers could share content. Now there are many more ways to promote a brand.

1. Product placements

In the past, product placements were also known as “surreptitious advertising”. A product placement is the targeted presentation or mention of branded products, services or names in various media, such as on television or in social networks like Instagram, TikTok or similar.

For placement in the channels, one usually receives remuneration or payment in kind. In this case, the product is shown to the camera without the target group finding it disturbing. Influencers also do not have to elaborate on the product. The important thing is that it is only integrated in the video.

The difference between product placement and surreptitious advertising is that the placement in the video is clearly marked and influencers must make it clear to followers that it is an advertisement. Often there is a “Contains Advertising” option that you can select if you are promoting a brand.

2. Sponsored Content on Social Media

Another option is sponsored content, which you can use to advertise on your social media channels.

You are paid for the creation of your content by a company that wants you to promote their brand in your posts. Products are shared, recommended or featured in your posts to followers. As a rule, the cooperation partners approach you with a request and ask you whether you would be interested in a cooperation. Depending on the agreement, photos, videos or blog posts can be posted.

This classic type of influencer marketing is one of the most popular among influencers. You enjoy your freedom towards your community and address exactly the areas they want to see. After all, you have the best knowledge of your community.

3. Direct sales (Affiliate Marketing)

You don’t necessarily have to wait for companies to contact you with collaborations. You can also take matters into your own hands and choose industries that fit your profile and send them a cooperation request. Taking the step and becoming active yourself may be a little more difficult for some people. But it is worth the effort, because commitment is very important here.

There are different ways to get the attention of the companies.

If you already know who you would like to cooperate with, you can write to specific companies, either by email or directly on the social media channels.

Another possibility are special platforms where you can search for cooperations. The companies place an advertisement for a campaign on the internet, to which you can then “apply” as a brand ambassador.

Influencer networks partnerships | Sponsored Content on Social Media - Muvid

How do I get cooperation requests?

This is probably one of the most difficult aspects, as many people want to enjoy being influencers. In order to be noticed by companies and receive a cooperation request, you have to distinguish yourself from others.

There are various agencies that have made it their business to mediate between entrepreneurs and influencers. There, influencers can be referred to companies for marketing purposes in order to start joint cooperations. To find agencies that are suitable for you, just have a look on the internet and see where you feel comfortable.

But you don’t necessarily have to go to an agency, with the necessary determination you can also make it on your own. Here are a few tips on how to get yourself noticed by cooperation partners.

1. Commitment is the key.

Companies will sample you carefully. That’s why it’s important to regularly maintain your profile and share content. But of course don’t exaggerate, a healthy balance is key here.

Of course, the quality of your content is also important. Ensure that your videos and photos are of high quality.

Pay attention to the social media insights, which give you hints for the perfect time to post and show you other important numbers.

2. Make sure you have provided contact details.

Many companies prefer to contact you by traditional email rather than by direct message on your social media profile. You also need to check your spam folder regularly, so you don’t miss anything.

3. Become active yourself.

The entire process requires patience, your profile has to grow and establish itself. When the first thousand followers have been reached and success comes slowly, you can expect requests for cooperation.

Here, though, you have to separate the dubious from the serious requests. In order to remain authentic and true to your philosophy, you should not accept the first request. You also need to develop a good sense of your own value. Don’t underprice yourself, but don’t ask for too much money either.

As mentioned above, there is also the possibility of direct sales. You have nothing to lose by approaching companies and introducing yourself. Choose the brands you like and simply ask.

Not every potential cooperation partner will respond to you. So don’t be disappointed and try your luck elsewhere, it’s sure to work out at some point.

4. Exchange ideas with other influencers.

Exchange ideas with other influencers, many of whom have been doing this for a long time and can certainly help you with some tips and tricks for success.

From an insider, you will benefit from the best source of information and can get information about the industry-standard remuneration per post and ask for the corresponding follower numbers. Your fellow influencers can also tell you about their experiences and certainly help you if you are sometimes a little unsure. Especially in the beginning, it can help if you feel a bit awkward. But eventually you’ll get the hang of it yourself once you’ve done it several times.

This may sound like a lot, but it’s not impossible. Try it gradually and success will come on its own. Soon you will be working as an influencer for the first brand campaigns.

If things work out and you are about to cooperate with a company, the cooperation partner will first invite you to a briefing. There you will discuss how much, where and for how long you will advertise and, of course, what the remuneration will be.

To ensure that you receive further cooperation requests in the future, you should behave in the best possible way. Stick to the specifications and deadlines, be professional and don’t argue about every little thing so that you and the cooperation partner can get the deal done smoothly. Be respectful and polite, even if your counterpart may not be so nice. This will give you a good reputation and you will certainly be booked again soon.

Influencer networks partnerships | Sponsored Content on Social Media - Muvid

How does influencer marketing look like in the music industry?

Maybe you’ve caught yourself listening to a song and thinking, “Oh, I know that song from TikTok!”. Or you scroll through the top hits of the month and realise that almost 50 % of the songs gained their fame through TikTok Trends. Behind this, a clear marketing strategy can be discerned.

As an influencer, you promote, support, share and advertise the artist and their music with your posts across various platforms in your channels.

Your followers listen to the artist’s music and, in the best case, they like it. The artist gets more reach and the influencer gets paid. A clear win-win situation!

About three billion people use social media platforms, so there is no better place to promote yourself than there.

Maybe you are creating a new trend and are the next person to go viral!

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