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Hello and welcome to our next blog. Today we will focus on the individual influencer and social media platforms. We will roughly present to you an overview of the platforms and name advantages and disadvantages that could be of help for your work in social media marketing.


Among all the platforms we are introducing to you today, Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, along with YouTube. The network went online in February 2004 and now has an active user base of 2.4 billion people worldwide. In Germany, 26 million users are active to date (as in 2019). Even though Facebook as a network is outdated, the platform can still be useful for you. Firstly, you can use the Business Manager and plan the publication of your content, and secondly, the integrated analysis tool gives you an insight into your statistics. You can also use the Facebook Business Manager for your content on Instagram. Furthermore, Facebook is indispensable for your company when placing advertisements. Here you have the opportunity to select your target group with various tools and to present your brand to your followers. Info: You don’t need a management or an agency to place ads with a low budget. Thanks to the easy handling, you can promote your product yourself without booking an advertising campaign. As an influencer, it is best to use Facebook’s own ad manager for your self-made marketing campaigns. Here you can easily find the right target group for your specific niche and book campaigns.

Info: If you want to book an influencer campaign as a musician, you can also use muvid, Upfluence or Neoreach, for instance.

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Instagram was launched in 2010 and has become one of the most powerful social media networks for the distribution of photo and video content. Through the various functions such as “Stories”, you have the opportunity to interact very closely with your followers. With 1 billion active users worldwide (about 30 million of them in Germany), you also have the opportunity to build up a large reach. Your content and engagement determine your success. Instagram is also widely used for collaborations between brand ambassadors and companies. For almost every product, there is a suitable influencer and a suitable target group or niche. Especially you as a budding influencer could benefit from Instagram. To get started with Instagram, a smartphone and the right software (app) are all you need.

Influencer platform | An overview of the platforms - Muvid


TikTok was launched by ByteDance in China in September 2016 under the name “Douyin”. The app first attracted worldwide attention in August 2018 with the takeover of and the accompanying introduction of the playback function. The number of users exploded to utopian heights. In Germany alone, there are now 20 million active accounts (as of 2021). TikTok clearly defines Generation Z as its target group. Almost 70 percent of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

For you as a newcomer, the app offers an incredible number of opportunities. Firstly, you have the opportunity to call attention to yourself through creative and high-quality content. This can happen quickly due to the algorithms on the platform, as TikTok is currently still designed for growth and not for the commercialisation of the app like Instagram, for instance. Furthermore, you have the possibility to book influencer marketing campaigns to advertise your music.

Influencer platform | An overview of the platforms - Muvid


Along with Facebook, YouTube is one of the “oldest” social media platforms. However, the internal database continues to be fed with functions for the channels. For example, YouTube provides a counterpart to Instagram’s reels in the form of “shorts”. In the newcomer sector, the platform can bring you various advantages. As a creator, you could upload cover versions of well-known songs and expand your reach and fan base. Moreover, your music could appear in an in-house playlist and push your catalogue. There is also the possibility of spreading your tracks through influencer marketing campaigns.

Info: Many successful musicians, such as KAYEF or Shirin David, started their careers as YouTubers and later used their reach to promote their music.

At this point we would like to express our gratitude for your interest. We hope that you have gained a small overview of the different social media platforms and hope to welcome you back to our blog soon. If you’ve never heard of terms like “hypr”, “neoreach”, “upfluence”, “tapinfluence” or “onalytica”, be sure to check back for our next article.

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