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Most likely, you’ve found yourself here because you’re an influencer on TikTok and you’re wondering how you can grow your business by establishing a partnership with a TikTok agency. Or you are a musician looking for an interface between you and the influencer.

First, let’s look at the term TikTok agency. At its core, it is an agency that specialises in marketing on the TikTok platform. The areas of work include, for example, consulting, conception, planning, design and realisation of advertising measures. In Germany, there are countless service companies that can draw on both musicians and influencers. We will now explain what you should pay attention to when working with a TikTok agency.

As an artist, you should pay particular attention to the seriousness of the marketing companies in view of the abundance of providers. Before starting a campaign, you should undertake research, define your target group and assess the potential of a collaboration. Don’t let them promise you the moon, even if streams on Spotify and video views in the millions on YouTube sound tempting. You should be aware that no marketing partner in the world can promise you guarantees. Certain realistic nominal values, based on experience from previous projects, can be appreciated but never guaranteed.

As an influencer, you should pay special attention to any small print before starting a collaboration with a marketing company on TikTok. It is equally important to evaluate the costs and benefits. For example, if the marketing company wants to claim 40 per cent of your income from referred campaigns, it may make sense for you as an influencer to enter into the contractual relationship if correspondingly higher revenues are achieved than with independent work. Nevertheless, you should always protect yourself and have your lawyer check all contracts so that you don’t get ripped off.

TikTok agency for Influencers - Muvid


A TikTok agency handles complete advertising processes and acts as an interface between clients, such as musicians, companies and brands and influencers. All areas can be covered, such as strategy development, target group definition, content creation or consulting.


At this point we would like to show you how we work at muvid. muvid is a platform that mediates orders between influencers and musicians. The artist uploads his or her songs to the platform. In the next step, influencers can use the music or sounds on TikTok and promote them through their content. The songs are then played to a young target group. The artist only has to pay for the service provided. If millions of views are generated, the corresponding views are offset against the budget for the campaign. If fewer views are generated, the budget is only used proportionally and the musician has the option of having the remaining amount paid out or using it for a new promotion campaign.

TikTok agency for Influencers - Muvid

We hope that we have been able to give you a few insights into the working methods of TikTok agencies. In summary, they are marketing platforms that act as an interface between influencers, companies and users. Through an agency, musicians, companies and brands, as well as influencers, have the opportunity to achieve efficient promotion in a more timely manner. The social media channels (TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) of the influencers are used. It is important to develop a suitable strategy for the promotion of the product (in your case, the songs), to name goals and to define a suitable target group. In the best case, the reach of the influencers serves as a multiplier for building your own network through the content created. When consulting a marketing agency, make sure that the advertising formats are suitable for your public image. For example, the TikTok agency could develop challenges together with you to increase the performance on your social media channels.

P.S. If you’re an influencer or artist, feel free to download our muvid app to get the latest information first.

See you next time!

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