How many followers do you need to be an influencer?


In the era of digitalisation, micro influencers with their social media accounts and a number of subscribers ranging from 1000 to 100,000 followers are playing an increasingly important role in the marketing sector. With this kind of marketing, even small reaches with a few subscribers can lead to excellent results without much effort or work. The reason for this is the trust that the followers place in the micro influencer. A micro influencer can best be compared to a friend who recommends you through content such as a post. On platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, it is much easier for the followers (real people) to establish a connection with the products and content promoted through their reach because of the personal relationship with the micro-influencer.

If you decide to cooperate with brands and companies as a micro influencer in Germany, be sure to pay attention to your credibility. The post or content on your social media channel that is marked with advertising should definitely match your public personality. The money earned from the marketing campaign should not be the top priority. The users, or your subscribers, might develop a feeling of distrust in case of repeated collaborations that do not match your image. It therefore makes sense to think carefully in advance about which cooperation you engage in.

Am I a micro influencer?

Regardless of your followers and subscribers, you can be interesting for companies and brands with a comparatively small reach. Especially if you specialise in a specific topic, the trust of your followers and subscribers on social media increases. In this case, your collaborations and posts act as a friendly recommendation to your subscribers. In summary, it can be said that even with comparatively few subscribers on your social media channels, you are a micro influencer and can promote products with a marketing campaign. 

How many followers | Earn money as a micro influencer - Muvid
How many followers | Earn money as a micro influencer - Muvid

What are the differences between micro and macro influencers?

The most obvious difference is the higher reach of macro influencers. Furthermore, macro influencers differ in their lower engagement rate. The engagement rate is an indicator of the intensity of the followers’ engagement with the published content. Micro influencers often have a rate two to three times higher than macro influencers. Again, it can be seen that having an account with millions of followers is not a must. Try to widen the interactions on your page, for example through questions or by involving your community.

Can I earn money as a micro influencer?

Of course. Especially when it comes to niche topics, companies and brands are always looking for suitable representatives. Even a small audience is not necessarily a deterrent; rather the opposite. As long as the number of followers on your social media channel consists of “a few” people, a precise target group can be reached and wasted coverage can be avoided.

How many followers | Earn money as a micro influencer - Muvid
How many followers | Earn money as a micro influencer - Muvid

What should I consider as a micro influencer?

As a micro influencer, make sure to build your reach with a thematic niche. There are a lot of companies and brands looking for platforms for collaborations and marketing. Your engagement rate plays a bigger role than your follower and subscriber numbers. Try to get your audience engaged in your posts on social media by interacting (for example, by asking questions). Always try to maintain your credibility. Especially in the UK, inappropriate advertising is often off-putting. Of course, earning quick money sounds tempting at first. Nevertheless, you should focus your attention on the sustainable development of your reach on your social media channels.

We hope that we were able to enlighten you a little bit about the differences between micro and macro influencers and that you were able to filter out some information that will lead you a step closer to success.

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