How many followers do you need to be an influencer?


Hello and welcome to our second blog! We’ll focus on the topic of “Influencer Networks” in detail today. Newcomers in the music business without a label or management in the background often ask the question: “How do I make contact with powerful influencers so that I can market myself and my content on social media in a way that is appropriate for the target group through cooperation with opinion leaders?”                        

The answer to this question is quite straightforward. In the first place, you can try to contact influencers, opinion leaders, bloggers or a network “on your own”. You can contact them on your own initiative on the most common platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other social networks. However, it is questionable whether this will bring you closer to your goal of a successful collaboration. Influencers with millions of followers, small artists, companies and brands often don’t respond because they don’t have enough relevance. Our platform muvid offers you a much better opportunity for success. We’ll explain why and how right now.

As an artist, you have the opportunity to upload your music to muvid and present it to over 1000 influencers with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to the short distances and the relatively low time expenditure, our system impresses with fully automated workflows. Artists, companies and brands as well as opinion leaders have direct access to the conditions offered. If an influencer likes your song or sound, for example, he or she can present it directly to his or her target group without wasting time. First of all, the relevance and performance of the influencer is evaluated on the basis of the KPIs, the Key Performance Indicators. The value of a contribution on the social media platforms is assessed on this basis.

"What happens if few or no Influencer promotes my song?"

With muvid, you only pay for the service you receive. If your sound is not promoted sufficiently or not at all, you will be refunded based on the amount of promotion you have already received. In other words, muvid reduces the risk of financial loss for all parties to 0 percent.

Influencer network | Make contact with powerful influencers - Muvid
How many followers | Earn money as a micro influencer - Muvid

"How many opinion leaders can I reach on muvid"?

On muvid, you can reach up to 1000 TikTok creators with various follower numbers with little effort. Your investment is always based on the size of the audience and the KPIS of the influencer.

"What makes muvid different from other marketing agencies?"

muvid is distinguished by its transparency and comparatively short channels. Uploaded today, your song can be presented to your target group and followers as early as tomorrow. Your content is integrated into our system without a stopover. Influencers can freely decide whether they want to enter into a cooperation or collaboration.

Influencer network | Make contact with powerful influencers - Muvid
Influencer network | Make contact with powerful influencers - Muvid

"How can my reach increase through muvid?"

Your reach increases as influencers on TikTok showcase your music. This can reach millions of followers on the social media platforms. Your content is distributed in the most effective possible way on the influencers’ channels. Actually, with one of our marketing campaigns, you can reach over 1000 influencers simultaneously, without a lot of effort or a direct approach to the influencers.

"Why should I partner with influencers?"

We can answer this question by looking at the changes in advertising. Twenty to thirty years ago, TV advertising was the ultimate means of reaching a wide range of potential customers, whereas in 2022 advertising is aimed directly at the relevant target group. The objectives of marketing measures have remained the same, only the strategies have changed considerably. Today, it’s all about the relationship between influencers and the people who follow them. In the process, macro has been replaced by micro influencing. Nowadays, the greatest benefit from a promotion campaign can be derived from target group-oriented influencers. For example, followers watch individual influencers because they can identify with their lifestyle. If the influencer can stand behind a product, the probability is significantly higher that the followers will accept the advertisement and become customers. Through indirect placements or a direct approach, followers are encouraged to consume your product or music.

Influencer network | Make contact with powerful influencers - Muvid
Influencer network | Make contact with powerful influencers - Muvid

"How much does it cost at muvid for a placement?"

Submitting your song to our system is completely free of charge for the time being. If an influencer decides to work with your song and use their influence, for example through a contribution, the service will be charged according to the previously determined conditions. Basically, muvid stands for transparency, automation and smooth work between artists and influencers.

I trust we have been able to provide you with a little insight on how our work with our influencer network functions. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at any time. See you next time!