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Hello and welcome to our next blog. Today we are looking at marketing agencies that specialise in the TikTok social media platform.


In the following section, we will briefly discuss the term “TikTok Marketing Agency”. A TikTok marketing agency is a service company that plans, designs and implements advertising for labels, musicians or brands, for instance. The marketing process involves various steps, such as consulting, defining the target group, planning and creating content.

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Benefits for Musicians

For a musician, it may be quite beneficial to book the campaign of a TikTok agency in order to optimise marketing and related advertising. For example, the growth of the reach on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok could be promoted. In addition, the streams, or plays, and therefore the popularity of the musician could increase. As an artist, here’s what you should consider when looking for and booking a TikTok campaign!

Make sure that the offers of the TikTok marketing agencies are of reasonable proportions. No reliable provider will promise you streams of real users in the millions or even billions. Rather, the potential of your product will be assessed by the experience and expertise of the consultancy. As a result, a strategy is developed that fits your content, your content and your songs. In other words, a TikTok marketing campaign with all its steps does not happen in seconds. Often, young aspiring artists who have ambitious goals are promised the moon. Try to listen to your instincts and be realistic about the situation. Basically, you need to look at working with a marketing company on TikTok as an opportunity to introduce your songs to a wider audience. The “breakthrough” can happen suddenly or only after years.


  1. Make sure that you are not guaranteed concrete results such as streams, views or followers on your social media channels.

  2. Make sure that there is editorial work at the beginning of the campaign. The marketing agency needs to get to know your music in order to make a realistic assessment.

  3. You should also be aware that your music may be rejected for a promotion, for example due to a lack of structure in the agency.

  4. Make sure that you are not promised a return on investment and that realistic goals are specified.

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With muvid, we are setting up one of the first apps in Germany that acts as an interface between musicians and TikTok influencers. We have access to a network of over 1000 influencers worldwide. If you are interested in collaborating with creatives, please take a look here.

We hope we’ve given you a little insight into the work of TikTok agencies and that our tips will help you achieve the required performance on your social media channels and ensure healthy, sustainable growth.

See you next time!